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Jorge Piñon

If I Were a Bee #

July 30, 2014

[Aurora's bee-related homework writing.]

If I was a bee it would be really tough. The good thing is I don’t have school. But I still have to squeeze out of the hive and collect pollen for the queen every week. On weekends, I quit doing work and usually rest in the hive. Sometimes I go down to the park and have a picnic. Whenever the skin of our hive cracks, I quickly repair it with honey. I am the second best bee because I’m good at distracting bears. We always have a quart of honey a day.


Rules About bees #

  1. Never go near or touch a bee’s hive.
  2. Do not scare bees away because it will sting you.
  3. If a bee lands on your finger, do not kill it. Instead, pet it very softly.