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Jorge Piñon


  1. Light Reading
  2. HarpJs to Amazon s3 workflow
  3. Basic Rules for Managing Creative Teams
  4. Ev Williams on Ad-Driven Media
  5. Automator publishing to S3
  6. 2017 Shows U.S. Moving Away From Coal Energy
  7. Microsoft’s New “Inclusive Design”
  8. Untitled
  9. Dr. Cleaner UI
  10. House on an Island
  11. Thoughts on Javascript Frameworks
  12. Transcribing Mr. Tambourine Man
  13. If I Were a Bee
  14. Overcast app
  15. Radio Button Buttons
  16. App Dot Net in Maintenance Mode
  17. Wufoo Blog Updates
  18. Plan
  19. Flat is fine, but legible is better
  20. Sad Mac App Dialogs
  21. 4K monitors and images for the web
  22. Registration should be easy
  23. You’re not still using the word “mobile”, right?
  24. The TV Remote
  25. Proposal for a new CSS design layer
  26. Why I can’t switch to Photoshop for icons and other UI assets
  27. Disable java on Mac OS browsers
  28. Tate Modern
  29. No one wants to make lists (that way)
  30. Yes, you can use 2 spaces after periods.
  31. A service for regular investors