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Jorge Piñon

2017 Shows U.S. Moving Away From Coal Energy #

December 19, 2016

2016 has been a depressing year, especially the end of it, if you're interested at all in seeing renewable energy become primary source of the world’s energy.

However, there are a few data trends published by the Brookings Institute that look very promising. For one, the country is definitively moving away from burning coal for electricity. The growth next year will be in natural gas and renewables. Someday we’ll have to ween ourselves off of natural gas but at least it's cleaner than coal. But the renewables are the big news, and it's nice to see Texas such a big area of investment.

Chart showing power capacity being added from 2017 and beyond, by technology type
Brookings Institute chart showing 2017 power capacity sources

It’s sad of course that my own state of Florida — the “Sunshine State” — is not leading the effort towards renewables. In fact, it seems like we're more aware of natural gas deep underground than we are of our own sun which literally burns us for most of the year.