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Jorge Piñon


I joined Choose Digital very soon after they opened for business and needed someone to build their site as well as lead web design for their web app products. They’re a startup and expected everyone to wear several hats. They were building e-commerce sites that sold music and other digital media to large loyalty programs.

Responsive Web Design had been recently introduced by Ethan Marcotte and some of my friends were talking alot about CSS preprocessors, and I was eager to work on something where I could dive into those new techniques.

screenshot of Choose Digital homepage section

The goal for was to present the company as experts in digital media and awards incentives, and the product as an adaptable design rooted in modern digital store usability.

This image is all I could find from the original website. The company’s website was by necessity one of those internal projects that never got enough time. The goal was to be simple and clear in the design because we branded ourselves as a transparent partner, building and managing client-branded websites for their loyal customers.

screenshot of detail of Choose Digital interior page

Typography and iconography (design and code)