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Jorge Piñon

GrassRoots Events


The Grass Roots Events Division was setting up new offices in Manhattan and needed a website up and running quickly. We needed to find a CMS that we could build up quickly and that would be easy for them to manage certain content sections on their own. I decided again on using Expression Engine and worked with Micstura, a Miami agency specializing in Expression Engine, to help code up the site.

screenshot of the GrassRoots Events homepage


Working with an external team is a great experience, especially, or maybe as long as, they’re talented. This design benefitted a lot I think from having outside sensibilities contributing to it.

It definitely sped things up too. I’m too often a control freak which usually results in long hours to meet deadlines (I almost wrote “meat deadlines” there and now my mind is filled with horrific images.). In this case though, I worked mostly as a designer and director and left the coding to the agency.

screenshot of the GrassRoots contact page

contact page